This book, Sour Grapes into Wine: How to Leave a Toxic Relationship to Create a Productive Lifestyle, is designed to help women who have found it hard to break away from someone who just isn’t right for them.

Inside the pages, you will find plenty of great advice and actionable strategies which can help you towards your goal, including:
– Putting yourself first
– How to spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship
– Effectively ending toxic relationships
– Enhancing your intuition and insight
– Common sense approaches to creating a new lifestyle
And much more…

Sour Grapes into Wine isn’t one of those self-help books written by an expert. It comes from sometimes painful and often funny first-hand experiences the author went through herself.

So, if you have suddenly found yourself in a damaging relationship and don’t know what to do about it, Sour Grapes into Wine could be the solution.

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Here’s what people are saying about Sour Grapes into Wine on Amazon:

Really enjoyed the advice given in the book. It was a fun read and asked challenging questions. Most importantly, it was very empowering. Thanks Autumn!


I had the pleasure of meeting the author at an event and had to purchase her book the next day. I finished this read in less than two days; I honestly couldn’t put it down.

I love how this book is clear, concise and relatable. The author shares her experiences, discusses the experiences of others and then gives her take on those experiences to help the reader get through their troubles. The choice of quotes at the beginning of each new section were also thoughtful and exceptional picks.

I feel comforted and inspired to keep going strong on my path of healing, while choosing to do what’s best for me.

This humble book is a mighty gem. Thank you!
I wish I had this book for my 2 most recent relationships! This book was very empowering and relatable! I’m just happy that if I ever so decide to date again that I have this book to fall back on if things start becoming unhealthy! I recommend this book for any woman who feels she has little to no worth in her relationship! This book is a fun way to learn to walk out and never look back!

Loved this book. This book teaches women how to empower themselves. A must read for anyone struggling in a relationship or looking to add health to their existing relationships.
My book was an instant bestseller on Amazon!

My book was an instant bestseller on Amazon!