Here’s what some of my clients are saying!

β€œI was very excited to see my life change in amazing ways. With Tori’s coaching, I now have a better relationship with my significant other by taking small steps towards communicating better, which starts with expressing that there is an issue with listening and working to change those basic building blocks that lead to healthy conversations.”

β€” Bria Washington

β€œI wanted someone to give me clarity on why I keep attracting the same kind of men and why men wouldn’t take me seriously. I felt so comfortable being coached by Tori and have been consistently dating a great guy for a few months now!”

β€” Shae Walker
β€œTalking to Tori makes me feel like I have someone who can not only understand me but also help me know why certain things are happening. It’s great to know I have someone to talk to, assess, and understand how to deal with my relationship.”

β€” Kahmare Teeter

β€œTori has a way of making you feel comfortable to talk about your goals, issues or concerns. She is a great listener and very resourceful. She helps me stay focused on my goals to see real results. Thanks, Tori for your awesomeness in being a life coach!”

β€” Jackie Griffin

β€œTori provided a safe space for me to vocalize my thoughts on several aspects of my life, such as personal relationships, ambitions, and self-care, in order to put
them into words to understand, analyze and prioritize each. She also assisted me in
determining and implementing action steps when applicable. Thanks to our sessions, I
am able to enjoy self-care and setting boundaries guilt-free, because I saw from her perspective that, I too am deserving of the two.”

β€” Taneek (Urban Amerika)


β€œTori is an exceptional coach and a productive coach to work with. By working with you, she will help you identify blocks and structure your goals in a way like no other life coach. In addition, she will help you re-evaluate what’s important to you so you can move forward in your personal life. I sincerely recommend Coach Tori to anyone looking to transform their lives in a positive way. She will inspire you to achieve new heights in your life!”

β€” Nicole Spooner


β€œTori was an amazing life coach for me during a time of much change and transition. I was so overwhelmed with everything I wanted to change in my life that I felt really stuck and didn’t know where to begin. Having Tori as a kind caring spirit who really listened to me and helped me create a clear path to success was such a game-changer for me! What felt like climbing a tall mountain was made easy with the baby steps Tori put in place for me. With each issue that arose, Tori knew exactly what personalized resources to offer to help me push through difficult moments. I would highly recommend Tori to anyone who is ready and serious to make big, positive changes in their lives and looking for a warm and nurturing soul to help guide them through it all.”

β€” Didi Bedor